MISHA ELECTRONIC (HK) Co., LIMITED is a professional self-research and development, production and sales the environmental products. Our company's products cover professional Speaker, Microphone, (ECM) Condenser Microphone, (MEMS) Semiconductor Silicon Microphone. Addition, we also establish their own the brand products include: Power Bank mobile power supply, LED lights, power outlet, car charger and usb charging cable. Our business can attract a lot of domestic manufacturers in partnership with investment, its well-known brand products including( , , , )

MISHA ELECTRONIC (HK) Co., LIMITED has a domestic plant Company. It use "people-oriented" enterprise spirit successful for attracting many electronics, music, entertainment, performing arts, electro-acoustic technology, professional audio and lighting engineers to join with us to enhance the company's strength in design, production, installation and comprehensive technical ability. Today, our company has a large number of highly qualified engineers, technicians, management person and well-trained workforce. We introduce digital production equipment package in accordance with the modern enterprise management elements. We use advance computer management in implementing ISO9001 international quality assurance system in order to make sure the product quality is more perfect, more advanced and brand!

We will strive to design innovative products and strict implementation of quality control to assure the quality service. Customer-oriented is our consistent aim. We also welcome domestic and foreign business call to discuss the business development and work together!

From 2015,
MISHA ELECTRONIC (HK) Co., LIMITED provide more additional version (eShop - MISHA Online Shop Network) You not only can buy product, but also can buy other electronic, daily and specialty products. Our eShop will randomly release ( Last Minute Deals ) On Friday, Saturday at 24:00 Please note that our website

By the 2016 ,
MISHA ELECTRONIC (HK) Co., LIMITED increase (Advertising and Web-Design team department), any large and small poster design, web design, product advertising books, product packaging design, corporate card design. Our platform from design to print will give customers to get the cheapest costs and add more convenient design service. Please enter cs@misha.com.hk to contact us.

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